The Journey Begins

March 14, 2013 by

On Friday, August 10, 2012, under a lovely sunny sky, I opened my new business in beautiful downtown Perth, Ontario.

For the week leading up to the opening there was paper covering the windows with the message:

Mariposa = Butterfly = Transformation

Once the paper was removed and my little shoppe revealed, one could see the unfolding of a unique, new shopping experience!

"Mariposa" happens to be one of my favourite words ~ it is spanish for butterfly. Butterflies represent transformation and since I thrive on change being a constant in my life...  I love the symbolic relationship.

Monday, February 26, 2013 was a very exciting day! Andre of Arcand Signs Ltd. installed a sign on the exterior of the building. I had to go outside and look up a few times just to check it out. I thought to myself, "wow, this really makes it real"!  Now we are quite visible from the street!

I have enjoyed sharing Mariposa Design via facebook and continue to be amazed at how many people it reaches.  Now I am looking forward to potential clients discovering my new venture through this web-site.

Many thanks to Sherry at Crummy Media Solutions for her graphics work (for my shoppe sign and web-site) and to Jim Wright for his assistance in setting up & designing my web-site.

Till next time,

Kindest Regards,

Susan 🙂


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